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We are pleased that you have found us. This introductory gateway to AEROMAP will help you get started at our website/portal. The Prezi presentation below says in a nutshell what the project is about. If you want to read a more formal introduction to the project and to see its objectives and progress please visit the About page. Researchers working in the fields of aerosol science, remote sensing and climate change would find the Researchers Gateway a good starting point. For the interested reader who has stumbled across us and is hoping to get informed about global aerosols and their impact on climate change, wwhy not take a trip through the Education Gateway and check out some videos and feature articles on the subject. Students specialising in atmospheric and planetary Science might benefit from the lectures courses at this gateway. We invite you to contact us if you feel something should be added or taken away so that AEROMAP can become a useful hub for people interested in aerosols and climate change.

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