Research Fellow (LTM/NTUA), M.Sc.


Contact Info:

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tel: (+30)2107721320

Address: Laboratory of Testing Materials, National Technical University of Athens, Zografou Campus 9, Iroon Polytechniou str 15780 Zografou


Born in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied Applied Mathematics and Applied Mechanics in NTUA and graduated first in 2017. Holds an M.Sc. Degree in Computational Mechanics (2019) in Mechanical Engineering of the same University and by the same time she was working on her doctoral thesis (2017-present). Her bachelor thesis was in the field of bio mechanics titled “Bio mechanical experimental study of Human’s Abdominal Aorta”. Her master’s thesis was a continue to her research and titled “Fluid Struction Interaction 3-D modeling of Human’s Abdominal Aorta”. During 2015-present she participated in experimental projects and worked as mathematical modeler for bioengineering data. She is the founder of MEDINEVO bioengineering solutions company participating in the funded project Eurobank egg 2020. She has a great experience in bio experiments, mathematical and mechanical modeling, CFD and Structural FEA analysis. She has IT skills (FORTRAN, JAVA, C++, Python, MATLAB, Mathematica) and the ability to accomplish multi task projects. Currently she works for the Institute for Environmental Research & Sustainable Development (IERSD/NOA) for the project SMURBS/ERA-PLANET as an external partner.


Research Interests:

Experiments in soft tissues and bone tissue, Numerical simulation and mathematical modeling of Strain Energy Functions. Fluid Dynamics, Finite Elements Analysis, P.D. E’s solutions with Finite Elements, Bio engineering, Bio materials and health impacts.

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