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Participation in the 12th International Conference on Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics COMECAP 2014



The following articles were presented at the COMECAP 2014, which took place at Heraklion (GR), 28 May – 31 May 2014. They are all published under the ISBN: 978-960-524-430-9: 


  1. Taylor, M., Kazadzis, S., Gerosopoulos, E.: Multi-modal fitting of AERONET size distributions during atypical aerosol conditions.

  2. Taylor, M., Kazadzis, S., Tsekeri, A., Gkikas, A., Amiridis, V.: AEROMAP: Satellite retrieval of dust aerosol microphysical and optical parameters using neural networks.

  3. Marinou, E., Dandou, A., Tombrou, M. and Amiridis, V. : Comparison of mixing layer heights derived from CALIPSO.

  4. Amiridis, V., Marinou, E., Tsekeri, A., Giannakaki, E., Mamouri, R.E., Kokkalis, P., Kazadzis, S., Gerasopoulos, E., Herekakis, T., Papayannis, A., and Balis, D.: LIdar climatology of Vertical Aerosol Structure (LIVAS): a 3-dimentional global aerosol database.

  5. Sofiou, F., Solomos, S., Amiridis, V., Herekakis, T., Kontoes, H.: Evaluation of FLEXPART smoke dispersion using MISR plume heights.

  6. Athanasopoulou E., Protonotariou A., Bossioli E., Allan J., Dandou A., Coe H., Bacak A., Kalogiros J., Mihalopoulos N., Biskos G. and Tombrou M.: Spatial distribution of aerosol species over the Aegean Sea: model coupling and evaluation during a recent Etesian period

  7. Gratsea M., Vrekoussis M., Wittrock F., Schonhardt A., Richter A., Gerasopoulos E.: NO2 measurements over Athens using the MAX-DOAS technique.

  8. Kopania T., Kazadzis S., Lagouvardos K., Meleti C., Bais A., Vougioukas S.: Solar UV Index forecast and observational network of the National Observatory of Athens.

  9. Kosmopoulos P.G., Kazadzis S., Flocas H.A., Marinou E., Amiridis V., Jacovidis C.P.: Aerosol Climatology & simulation of radiative transfer by remote sensing & modeling techniques in the atmosphere of Greece.

  10. Kazadzis S., Kosmopoulos P.G., Lagouvardos K., Kotroni V.: Solar Energy prediction and verification using model forecasts and ground based solar measurements

  11. Kazadzis S., Raptis I.P., V. Psiloglou, Kazantzidis A. , Bais A.: Solar Radiation Measurements and Model Calculations at Inclined Surfaces.

  12. Raptis I.P., Kazadzis S., B. Bohn, N. Mihalopoulos1, M. Gratsea, H. Berresheim, F. Rohrer, M. Adam: A Method for Calculating O1D and NO2 Photolysis Frequencies using satellite based UV solar radiation retrievals.
  13. Founda D. and S. Kazadzis: Long term variability of visibility in Athens- The urban influence.

  14. S. Kazadzis, D. Founda, B. Psiloglou, H.D. Kambezidis, F. Pierros, C. Meleti, N. Mihalopoulos: Surface total solar radiation variability at Athens, Greece since 1954.

  15. Gerasopoulos E., Lianou M., Tunved P., Kreji R., Hansson H. C., Zerefos C.: Visibility records and trends since 1956, as a proxy of decadal changes in aerosol loads (SW Greece, Messenia)

  16. D. Paraskevopoulou, E. Liakakou, C. Theodosi, P. Zarmpas, E. Gerasopoulos and N. Mihalopoulos: Chemical mass closure of atmospheric aerosol collected over Athens, Greece.
  Supporting Files
  1. Gerasopoulos et al COMECAP2014 (File size 292.42 KB)
  2. Athanasopoulou et al COMECAP 2014 (File size 321.92 KB)
  3. Gratsea et al COMECAP 2014 (File size 479.45 KB)
  4. Founda&Kazadzis COMECAP 2014 (File size 84.25 KB)
  5. Kazadzis et al COMECAP 2014 (File size 325.26 KB)
  6. Kazadzis et al2 COMECAP 2014 (File size 228.14 KB)
  7. Kazadzis et al3 COMECAP 2014 (File size 361.84 KB)
  8. Kosmopoulos et al COMECAP 2014 (File size 915.08 KB)
  9. Paraskevopoulou et al COMECAP 2014 (File size 539.11 KB)
  10. Raptis et al COMECAP 2014 (File size 706.47 KB)
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