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The CHARADMExp campaign during summer 2014, dedicated to the Characterization of Aerosol mixtures of Dust And Marine origin over E. Mediterranean



The CHARADMExp experimental campaign has been launched on the 20th of June and was finalized on the 10th of July.

The installation of our ground-based instrumentation was successful and you may find some nice photos of our activity under the ESA campaign blog.

UAV flights during the CHARADMExp campaing.

We have created a website that provides all the information related to the objectives of the campaign, that you can find under: http://charadmexp.gr/. The website contains information on the instrumentation and is continuously updated with news but also with data and forecasts to facilitate our efforts and studies. You may inspect some first data quick looks, as well as a table with the available measurements of the campaign.


CHARADMexp campaign is implemented by NOA and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

CHARADMexp is supported by the BEYOND Centre of Excellence, in the frame of the satellite cal/val activities performed by the Centre. LIVAS climatology as well as the smoke dispersion and dust services provided by BEYOND will be validated through the CHARADMexp campaign.

ACTRIS provides support to CHARADMexp participants by offering access to the Finokalia research facilities through the Transnational Access activity of the Network.


For further information about the campaign please contact Vassilis Amiridis.
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