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Participation in COMECAP 2016, 19-21 September 2016, Thessaloniki (GR)

APCG members will participate in the 13th International Conference on Meteorology, Climatology and Atmospheric Physics (COMECAP 2016) with the following presentations (accepted for publication in Springer Atmospheric Sciences, Theodore Karacostas et al. (Eds): Perspectives on Atmospheric Sciences, 978-3-319-35094-3, 395543_1_En, (118)):
  1. Athanasopoulou E., Speyer O., Apostolopoulou S., Papageorgiou S., Amiridis V., Gerasopoulos E.: Near Real-Time Aerosol Predictions During the First Citizen Observatory Campaign in Greece  
  3. Marinou E., Amiridis V., Solomos S., Proestakis E., Kottas M., Zanis P., Georgoulias A.K., Tsikerdelis A., Tsekeri A., Konsta D., Kokkalis P., Binietoglou I., Balis D.: Saharan dust retrieval variability over Europe as seen by CALIPSO
  5. Konsta D., Tselioudis G.: Shallow cumulus to fair weather transition: cloud radiative effects and relation to atmospheric conditions 
  7. Papayannis A., Argyrouli A., Bougiatioti A., Nenes A., Vande Hey J., Komppula M., Kokkalis P., Solomos S., Banks R.F., Labzovskii L., Kalogiros I., Giannakaki E., From hygrospcopic aerosols to cloud droplets: the HygrA-CD Campaign in the Athens basin – An overview
  9. Solomos S., Nickovic S., Amiridis V., Pejanovic G., Pradhan Y., Marenco F., Petkovic S., Marinou E., Cvetkovic B., Kontoes C., Development of a dust assimilation system for NMM-DREAM model based on MSG-SEVIRI satellite observations
  11. Kontoes C., Solomos S., Amiridis V., Herekakis T., Synergistic satellite & modeling methods for the description of biomass smoke dispersion over complex terrain. The FireHub platform.
  1. Paraskevopoulou D., Zarmpas P., Fourtziou L., Mihalopoulos N.: Variability of inorganic fine particulate matter composition over Athens, Greece

  1. Tsekeri A., Amiridis V., Lopatin A., Marinou E., Pikridas M., Sciare J., Gerasopoulos E., Liakakou E., Baars H., Kottas M., Kokkalis P., Raptis I.P., Solomos S., Binietoglou I., Mihalopoulos N., Engelmann R., Wandinger U., Ansmann A., Dubovik O. and Nenes A., Aerosol vertical profiling utilizing the synergy of lidar, sunphotometry and in-situ measurements in the framework of the ACTRIS-2 campaign in Athens
  3. Kosmopoulos, P.G., S. Kazadzis, M. Taylor, A. Bais, K. Lagouvardos, V. Kotroni, I. Keramitsoglou and C. Kiranoudis, 2016. Estimation of the solar energy potential in Greece using satellite and ground-based observations.
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