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PRE-TECT experimental campaign (1st announcement)


This is a first announcement for the website that has been developed to provide information on the PRE-TECT experimental campaign.


PRE-TECT is an atmospheric experiment organized by the National Observatory of Athens in the framework of the ACTRIS. The experiment will take place from 1st 30th April 2017, aiming to advance desert dust characterization from remote sensing measurements. It will employ advanced inversion techniques developed in the framework of ACTRIS, focusing on aerosol absorption and aiming to fulfil the objectives of the ACTRIS JRA1 activity ("Improving the accuracy of aerosol light absorption determinations"). The specific aim of the campaign is to validate the remote sensing retrievals against surface and airborne in-situ measurements. The campaign is framed by a number of parallel activities. Learn more.


The website provides only the basic information at the moment, but it will develop during the next weeks. You may find it under: http://pre-tect.space.noa.gr/

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