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APCG group is currently composed of twenty two (22) members: a (1) research director, three (3) senior researchers,  an (1) associate researcher, two (2) scientific and technical staff, twelve (12) research fellows and three (3) Ph.D. students.


Eleni Marinou
Ph.D. Candidate, IAASARS/NOA


Link to full CV (pdf)

Contact Info:
e-mail: elmarinou@noa.gr
tel:       (+30) 210 810 9183
fax:      (+30) 210 613 8343
Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications & Remote Sensing, National Observatory of Athens, I. Metaxa & Vas. Pavlou, P. Penteli (Lofos Koufou), 15236 Athens, Greece


Eleni Marinou (EM) graduated from the Applied Physics at the Applied Sciences Department of the National Technical University of Athens in 2010. She received her M.Sc. at the field of “Environmental Physics” in 2013 from the Physics Dept. of the Kapodistrian University of Athens. She has contacted parallel research within the activities of the Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications & Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens since 2010, related with the retrieval of atmospheric parameters using passive and active remote sensing techniques. As of December 2013 she has started her PhD in collaboration with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the field of assessment of the aerosol load using synergistic active and passive remote sensing methods.


Research Interests:
Physical, optical and chemical properties of aerosols and clouds using remote sensing and in-situ observations.

Selected Publications:
Amiridis, V., Wandinger, U., Marinou, E., et al. (2013). Optimizing Saharan dust CALIPSO retrievals, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss., 13, 14749-14795, doi:10.5194/acpd-13-14749-2013, 2013.

Amiridis, V., Wandinger, U., Marinou, E., et al.: LIVAS: Lidar climatology of vertical aerosol structure for space-based lidar simulation studies, International Laser Radar Conference, Porto Heli-Greece, 25-29 June 2012.

Amiridis, V., Marinou, E., Kazadzis, S., et al. (2012). Evaluation of CALIPSO’s aerosol classification scheme during the ACEMED experimental campaign over Greece: the case study of 9th of September 2011. COMECAP 2012.

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