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APCG group is currently composed of twenty two (22) members: a (1) research director, three (3) senior researchers,  an (1) associate researcher, two (2) scientific and technical staff, twelve (12) research fellows and three (3) Ph.D. students.


Despina Paraskevopoulou
Research Fellow, IERSD/NOA
Ph.D. Chemistry


Link to full CV (pdf)

Contact Info:
e-mail: dparask@meteo.noa.gr
tel: (+30) 210 810 9141
fax: (+30) 210 810 3236

Institute for Environmental Research & Sustainable Development, National Observatory of Athens, I. Metaxa & Vas. Pavlou, P. Penteli (Lofos Koufou), 15236 Athens, Greece


Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1981. Studied Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and received her degree in 2006. Enrolled for an M.Sc. in 2006, at the field of “Polymer Chemistry and Technology” at the same department and acquired her degree in 2008. Worked as Regulatory Affairs Assistant at Corporate Quality Assurance Department of FAMAR pharmaceutical industries, for the time interval 2009-2010. In 2011 began her Ph.D. in the field of Aerosol Science performed in parallel at the Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory of the National Observatory of Athens and at the Environmental Chemical Processes Lab of the University of Crete, contacting research on the interaction of chemical properties with the optical properties and climate parameters of aerosols in the environment of Athens.


Research Interests:
Physical, optical and chemical properties of aerosols, in-situ measurements, climatic role of aerosols.
Migration of monomers from polymeric food packaging materials into food simulants.

Oxidative stability of food emulsions.

Selected Publications:
Paraskevopoulou et al., 2011. ”Migration of styrene from plastic packaging based on polystyrene into food simulants”, Polymer International, Submitted (in review process).

Paraskevopoulou et al., 2007. ”Oxidative stability of olive-oil lemon juice salad dressings stabilized with polysaccharides”, Food Chemistry, 101, 1197-1204.

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