In the framework of the cooperation between IERSD/NOA and the Regional Authority of Attica (Regional Unit of Piraeus) in the PiraeusAQ project, APCG has installed an air quality monitoring station in the center of Piraeus (37°56'52.5"N,  23°38'35.0" Ε), near the busiest passenger port in Europe. The station is located on the rooftop of the historic building of the Urban Rail Transport company of Attica. The main goal of the station is to characterize particle-related air quality in a densely-populated urban area, under the influence of a variety of primary emissions (traffic, shipping, residential, industrial). Measurements are of relevance for exposure characterization, not only for the local population but for a large number of workers and commuters as well. The long-term objective is to obtain a reference database on air quality parameters in the area, of use in the development of an integrated platform for air quality management of air quality, supporting authorities in strategic planning and intervention policies.

 At present, it hosts a beta-attenuation PM10 monitor, operating continuously since April 2019. A reference, automated, gravimetric sampler for PM2.5 filter-based measurements is also installed in the location, performing 24-h sampling on an every-day basis for a designated period of one year (December 2018-December 2019). Moreover, two short-term campaigns for high-resolution aerosol speciation were conducted, operating an aerosol chemical speciation monitor and a 7-λ aethalometer. The installation of additional instrumentation for monitoring of gaseous pollutants and black carbon is foreseen.


Location of the station in the center of Piraeus 

 Piraeus inside

Interior of the station with PM10 beta-attenuation monitor