Our team proudly presents the aerial view of the Thissio Actinometric Station in this video.

The  Station is placed in the historical center of Athens, on the hill of Pnyx, facing the Acropolis. Although the station is located at an archeological site and surrounded by areas of greenery, which guarantees no emissions in a range shorter than approximately 300m, it is considered as an urban area representing accurately the  central Athens area. In the video a number of landmarks are visible, including the Acropolis and also the topography of Athens' basin to the coast.

This video was filmed on April 2021, in the framework of ASPIRE campaign, which has been running since the 1st of December in 2020 and is in fully operational phase. Thissio Actinometric Station is operated by National Observatory of Athens and it includes state of the art sun photometric equipment. Data collected from the station are the freely available, more details.