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The project builds on years of effort and European resources that have led to the current state of open, free, scientifically robust Earth Observation data that is brokered through the GEOSS portal. The game plan here is to make this information more findable, augment it metadata-wise as well as spatio-temporally, utilize it to build CC applications and demonstrate the value of GEOSS in five diverse pilots across Europe.

NOA and APCG were there, to present the urban sustainability pilot which focus on GHG emissions, and takes place in the Athens metropolitan area where three applications will be developed to address three urban critical sectors: Building energy efficiency, photovoltaic penetration and vehicle fleet emissions. These applications will enable the analysis of different GHG abatement scenarios and their co-benefits on AQ and health will also be explored utilizing state-of-the-art city scale modeling. Long-time fellow players PMOD-WRC, DRAXIS and the Region of Attica itself, will ensure that the pilot, culminating into a Decision Support Application, will create an efficient policy tool for the city to move one step closer to the goal of sustainability.