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Nasia Kakouri: An innovative method to arrive at high resolution emissions for city scale air qualitymodeling.

A hybrid approach, for the downscaling a regional emission inventory, based on publicly available, well-established, contemporary gridded datasets was presented. The full presentation is accessible here 

Katerina Bougiatioti: Year-long greenhouse gases measurments at the urban environment of Athens, Greece.

Long-term greenhouse gases measurements in Athens reveal that CO2 exhibits a clear seasonal cycle with maximum concentrations during winter caused by enhanced emissions from combustion sources. This is not the case for methane which remains constant throughout the year, with maximum concentrations found to be the synergistic effect of different sources located at the west and north of the site, indicating the industrial and petrochemical zones around Athens. The full presentation is accessible here


Athanasopoulou at al: Synergy between diff erent earth observation platforms towards the estimation of the intra-urban population exposure to wintertime air pollution of Athens. See the poster here

Liakakou at al: Levels and variability of gaseous acidic compoundsLevels and variability of gaseous acidic compoundsin the atmosphere of Athens. See the poster here

Tavernaraki at al:Levels and sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at the port of Piraeus.

Gratsea at al: Long-term MAX DOAS NO2 measurements over Athens and association with urban sources. See the poster here