Kakouri elidek


Her thesis is entitled “Synergy of Earth observations and geoinformatic tools to meet the need for decision-making at urban and intra-urban scales, in the field of atmospheric pollution and population exposure”. The PhD is implemented in collaboration with the University of Aegean and we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration and very interesting scientific results!

As increasing environmental pressures affect urban resilience, sustainability and human well-being, high resolution geospatial information at the intra-urban scale is an identified gap for more efficient and tailored decision making. In order to meet this need in the field of air quality (AQ) and its impacts οn health, the main goal of the proposed PhD study is the development of methodologies that will allow the representation of atmospheric emissions, pollutant concentrations and human exposure at very high resolution (few hundred meters). These methodologies will be used to thoroughly study and delineate the inter-relations of air pollution, levels and spatiotemporal patterns, with health end-points as well as with relevant socioeconomic factors (SFs).

Scientific Area: Natural Sciences

Scientific Field: Earth and related environmental sciences

Scientific Subfield: Atmospheric sciences

PhD proposal structure:

  1. Literature review & overall methodology design
  2. High resolution emission Inventories
  3. Air quality city scale modelling
  4. Socioeconomic factors & health aspects
  5. Evaluation through satellite & in-situ data
  6. Social inequalities & air quality inter-relations

Funding frame: 3rd Call of the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI) for PhD Candidates