The 1st ACTRIS Science Conference took place during May 11-13, 2022, with the participation of several members of APCG.


Actris20221     Actris20222

The three-day open science conference aimed to bring together members of different atmospheric science communities and discuss the latest scientific breakthroughs e.g., in air quality and climate research. The contributions were solicited on the topics covering all aspects of ACTRIS scientific activities. Participation of scientists working in the other European Environmental Research Infrastructures was encouraged in order to share their findings and access unique opportunities for networking and R&D collaboration!

APCG was there with the following very interesting participations:

Kakouri et all (poster), “A spatial disaggregation tool for high resolution emissions towards intra-urban air pollution modelling”

Kaskaoutis et all (poster), “A new method for estimating spectral absorptions of black carbon, brown carbon and secondary organic carbon from fossil fuel and biomass burning sources” 

Dimitris Kaskaoutis"Effects of residential wood burning emissions on atmospheric chemistry and light absorption"