Angelina Metaxatos presented the results of a new research on DNA barcoding.

As she said "We characterized the composition, diversity, and potential bacterial and fungal aerosol (bio aerosol) sources in Athens’ urban air by DNA barcoding. We used the recently developed Rutgers Electrostatic Passive Sampler (REPS). It is the first field application of REPS to study bio aerosol diversity. REPS samplers captured a sufficient amount of biological material to demonstrate the diversity of bio aerosols and their variability over time. We found a complex community of bacterial and fungal aerosols and a plethora of OTUs with several opportunistic or potential pathogens in Athens’ urban air in 2019 & Feb. 2020. However, the exact functional and ecological role of bioaerosols and, even more importantly, their impact on public health and the ecosystem, requires further air monitoring and analysis".

Angelina May2022

Another interesting presentation from a new scientist Aggelos Georgakis, about the large-scale cloud motion projection and the cloud optical thickness in big scale, using computer vision.

Georgakis Aggelos May2022