The first Working Group meeting of ATMO-ACCESS Task 6.4 took place on June, 16, 2022. The aim of this meeting was to co-design the forth-coming trans-national access to the research facilities of ATMO-ACCESS by public authorities.


AtmoAcces June20221  AtmoAcces June20222


Twenty three people attended the meeting, with the public sector being represented by 2 people from the Greek local and regional authorities. The main focus of the discussion were the needs that this pilot should address, spanning from source apportionment, urban hot-spots or episodes of air pollution, online and real-time information (incl. alarm systems) and sensor calibration. The representatives from the public authorities agreed that the portable instrumentation of ATMO-ACCESS facilities, as well as the virtual access to real-time data products are appealing for the cities under their responsibility.


AtmoAcces June20223 AtmoAcces June20224

This was the first of a series of meetings of this group, to be enriched with more organizations from the public sector and ultimately decide for an attractive and competitive TNA call early next year.