Stakeholders from the shipping industry and a group of renowned scientists attended the “MemCCSea Final Dissemination & Networking Event” Opportunities and Challenges for the Decarbonization of the Maritime Sector, which was held on Friday 14 October 2022 at Stavros Niarhos Foundation Cultural Centre. Dr E. Gerasopoulos was invited as a panelist to the workshop explaining the significance of emissions monitoring for assessing climate change and the influences of shipping emissions on the air quality of port urban areas.

The MemCCSea project is among the very few projects world-wide that aim to develop hyper-compact systems for post-combustion CO2 capture specifically designed and optimized for the maritime sector and define strategies for its integration in the ship powerplant (marinization). The developed membrane technology, displays significant advantages over conventional scrubber technologies, such as substantially higher efficiency and reduced volume, issues that are crucial in the shipping industry. The MemCCSea technology aims for a 10 times smaller volume and 25% lower costs than conventional scrubbing systems with a recovery of more than 90% of the main engine CO2 emissions.