The Urban ReLeaf project, standing for "Citizen-powered data ecosystems for inclusive and green urban transitions", is an Innovation Action under the Topic: CL6-2022-Governance-01-08 - Uptake and validation of citizen observations to complement authoritative measurement within the urban environment and boost related citizen engagement. The project is coordinated by IIASA (Austria) and involves several partners as well as six cities (Athens, Cascais, Dundee, Mannheim, Riga, and Utrecht) that are willing to embrace new data streams for urban greening planning and policy making and to fully engage with citizens including marginalized and vulnerable groups.
The role of APCG is rather critical as it will be leading the technical standardization and deployment of low-cost sensor networks and wearable technologies as well as its high expertise in air quality. The project started on 25 January and will last for 4 years.