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The WIC was founded in 1976 and is a well-established international organization with branches located in many countries worldwide. In Athens there are approximately 140 members coming from many different countries from diversified professional, diplomatic and business backgrounds, all committed to promoting fellowship and exchange of cultures in an informal atmosphere of friendship, learning and mutually interesting activities. In addition to the many activities organized throughout the year, a monthly General Meeting is held at different venues and every effort is made to ensure that guest speakers or performers are of the highest standard and from the broadest range of interest.

From early scientific evidence of climate change to conspiracy theories, we are already observing the unprecedented impacts at the planetary level and experiencing great damages at the local scale. The presentation focused on understanding what climate change stands for and what is to be expected in the years to come and the far future, with respect to heat waves, flash floods, wild fires and other extreme weather events. Special emphasis was given to cities where most of current world’s population resides, a trend that is foreseen to strengthen further in the coming decades. But cities are also the place where most opportunities reside to reverse the situation. How can we develop smart cities, resilient to climate change and how can we move to new models of sustainable and green urban development? The unavoidable mitigation actions that are needed were put on par with the weaker perceived necessity for adaptation. Finally, insights on the impacts on different socio-economic sectors were presented and aspects of social and gender inequalities against climate change will be touched upon.