At our 1st group meeting of 2024, we welcomed new members of the group and hosted students who worked with us during their diplomas. We had three excellent presentations from the new members of Apcg Danai Michailidou, Irini Tsiodra and Foteini Panagiotidou. Also we met Irene Maria Vrettou, Stavros Vigkos and Maria Kimourtzi.


Danai apcg2024Jan


Danai Michailidou is a biologist exploring spatial biodiversity patterns at continental scale with emphasis on the imprint of biogeographical history, climate change and biotic interactions on species-area relationships. As member of the APCG group, she is involved in the advancement of Earth Observation utilization as data source in the frameworks of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the System of Environmental Economic Accounting with special focus on biodiversity monitoring.


Tsiodra apcg2024Jan


Irini Tsiodra specializes in experimental atmospheric chemistry and air quality, with emphasis on laboratory and chemometric methods for determination and source apportionment of organic aerosol species. Her work in APCG group focuses on population ambient exposure to toxic organic micro-pollutants (especially Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and their derivatives) in European urban centers. Main research directions include the assessment of public health and societal impacts of intensive residential biomass burning as a direct consequence of the Greek recession.


Fotini apcg2024Jan


Foteini Panagiotidou during the presentation, a reference was made to her course of studies, from undergraduate to postgraduate level, as well as to the previous work experience. Her employment is related to the JustREDI, RI-URBANS and BEP-DK projects, where she assists scientifically through Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and through data extraction, analysis and presentation. Her interest is focused on new scientific applications of GIS, especially in the field of natural disaster management and civil protection, but also in environmental studies.


Maria Vrettou, Stavros Vigkos and Maria Kimourtzi presented themselves as new entry collaborators of our group.


Vigkos apcg2024Jan Kimourtzi apcg2024Jan Vrettou apcg2024Jan