APCG members will participate in the 2019 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA, 9-13 Dec., with the following presentations:

1) E. Gerasopoulos, E. Athanasopoulou, M. Ramacher, O. Speyer, M. Karl, I. Stavroulas, G. Grivas, J. Bailey, A. KakouriCity scale air pollution modelling and high resolution exposure mapping of an urban hotspot in the Eastern Mediterranean.

2) Bailey J., Speyer O., Athanasopoulou E. and Gerasopoulos E., Insights and Policy Implications from a Harmonized Earth Observation Approach to Urban Air Quality.

3) Kosmopoulos, P.G., Kazadzis, S., Kontoes, C., Blanc, P., El-Askary, H., El-Khayat, M.M., and Zografos, D., Addressing SDG7 through the nextSENSE showcase.

4) Raptis Ioannis-Panagiotis, Kazadzis Stelios, Gaia Pinardi, Evaluation of TROPOMI NO2 Retrievals Using PANDORA Measurements in Athens.