PANO 20200109 104610

Our first monthly meeting for 2020 was held this week at IERSD premises with the majority of our members present in order to attend Dr. Dimitrios Kaskaoutis' presentation focusing on the atmospheric implications of the Sistan basin, one of the most active dust sources and windiest desert environments in the world. Dimitris provided an insight on the dust emission and transport, dust-plume characteristics, and impacts on air quality during Sistan dust storm episodes. The interest to join forces and employ APCG tools and expertise for future studies over the basin was discussed.

After the end of Dr Kaskaoutis' presentation and the relevant Q&A session that followed, APCG welcomed the new year with a discussion concerning new ways of communicating and organizing our work that hopefully will unleash our full potential in the future. And last, but not, least, the occasion was celebrated with the tradition of the "Vasilopita" cut, with this year's luck smiling upon our new member, Dr. Nefta-Eleftheria Votsi, who, as every coin finder in this tradition, received a special gift along with our best wishes for 2020.