IAC 2022 will take place between 4-9 September at the Athens Concert Hall. Renowned scientists from all over the world are participating in it. The APCG will be present with interesting presentations and posters.


Oral Presentations:


Tuesday 6 September: 

Dr. Giorgio Veratti at 16:15 - 16:30 "Mapping Black Carbon and aerosol absorption in a major European city".

All authors: Giorgio Veratti, Iasonas Stavroulas, Alessandro Bigi, Georgios Grivas, Panayiotis Kalkavouras, Despina Paraskevopoulou, Eleni Liakakou, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Orestis Speyer, Charalampos Chatzidiakos, Grazia Ghermandi, Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Nikos Mihalopoulos


Wednesday 7 September:

Mr. Iasonas Stavroulas at 14:30 - 14:45 "Chemical composition, sources and insights on submicron aerosol atmospheric processing during wintertime outstanding smog episodes".

All authors: Iasonas Stavroulas, Maximilien Desservettaz, Kalliopi Petrinoli, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Eleni Liakakou, Konstantinos Koukoulakis, Georgios Grivas, Dimitrios Kaskaoutis, Nikolaos Hatzianastassiou, Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Efstratios Bourtsoukidis, Jean Sciare, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Thursday 8 September:

Dr. Georgios Grivas at 15:30 - 15:45 "Chemical composition and source apportionment of fine aerosol in the port city of Piraeus, Greece".

All authors: Georgios Grivas, Eleni Liakakou, Iasonas Stavroulas, Panayiotis Kalkavouras, Maria Lianou, Maria Tsagkaraki, Kyriaki Papoutsidaki, Pavlos Zarmpas, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos, Evangelos Gerasopoulos


Mr. Iasonas Stavroulas at 4:15 - 4:30 "Field evaluation of miniature absorption photometers in an Eastern Mediterranean urban environment".

All authors: Iasonas Stavroulas, Michael Pikridas, Georgios Grivas, Spyridon Bezantakos, Eleni Liakakou, Panayiotis Kalkavouras, Alessandro Bigi, Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Jean Sciare, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Dr. Dimitris Kaskaoutis at 16:00 - 16:15 "Impacts of severe residential wood burning on atmospheric processing, water-soluble organic aerosol and light absorption, in a medium-sized city of Southeastern Europe".

All authors: Dimitris Kaskaoutis, Giorgos Grivas, Konstantina Oikonomou, Popi Tavernaraki, Kyriaki Papoutsidaki, Maria Tsagkaraki, Iasonas Stavroulas, Pavlos Zarmpas, Despoina Paraskevopoulou, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Eleni Liakakou, Maria Gavrouzou, Umesh Dumka, Nikolaos Hatzianastassiou, Jean Sciare, Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Dr. Dimitris Kaskaoutis at 16:45 - 17:00 "Light absorption and radiative effects of water-soluble and methanol-soluble brown carbon under high residential wood burning emissions"

All authors:Dimitris Kaskaoutis, Despoina Paraskevopoulou, Giorgos Grivas, Srinivas Bikkina, Eleni Liakakou, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Iasonas Stavroulas, Maria Tsagkaraki, Kyriaki Papoutsidaki, Konstantina Oikonomou, Maria Gavrouzou, Nikolaos Hatzianastassiou, Jean Sciare, Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Friday 9 September:

Dr. Dimitris Kaskaoutis at  12:00 - 12:15 "Identification of key aerosol types in Athens: Optical properties and the curvature effect in spectral scattering and absorption coefficients".

All authors: Dimitris Kaskaoutis, Giorgos Grivas, Iasonas Stavroulas, Eleni Liakakou, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Umesh Dumka, Konstantinos Dimitriou, Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Dr. Eleni Athanasopoulou at  14:40 - 14:55 "Intra-urban aerosol predictions under future Representative Concentration Pathways: modeling experiments for Athens".

All authors: Dimitris Karagiannis, Eleni Athanasopoulou, Nasia Kakouri, Giorgos Grivas, Evangelos Gerasopoulos


Poster session:


Monday 5 September:

Ms. Kalliopi Petrinoli

AMT-P2_024: "Investigation of the mixing layer height derived from ceilometer measurements in Athens, Greece and implications for air quality".

All authors: Kalliopi Petrinoli, Dimitris Kaskaoutis, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Eleni Liakakou, Iasonas Stavroulas, Panagiotis Kalkavouras, Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Dr. Manolis Romanias

ATAS P2 044: "Are asphalt pavements an important source of atmospheric particles precursors?".

All Authors: Jerome Lasne, Anais Lostier, Therese Salameh, Manolis Romanias, Eleni Athanasopoulou, Dimitris Karagiannis, Nasia Kakouri, Stelios Myriokefalitakis, Evangelos Gerasopoulos


Mr. Panayiotis Kalkavouras

ATAS-P2_057: "Sources of size-resolved Particle Number Concentration at an urban location in Athens".

All authors: Panayiotis Kalkavouras, G. Grivas, I. Stavroulas, A. Bougiatioti, E. Liakakou, E. Gerasopoulos, N. Mihalopoulos


Tuesday 6 September:

Dr. Angelina Metaxatou

AH-P3_001: "Analysis of bioaerosol diversity in Athens, Greece, by DNA barcoding".

All authors: Angelina Metaxatou, Gediminas Mainelis, Sydonia Manibusan


Mr. Charalampos Chatzidiakos

AH-P3_005: "A study of PM2.5 episodes linked to residential wood burning, using a dense low-cost sensor network".

All authors: Charalampos Chatzidiakos, Iasonas Stavroulas, Georgios Grivas, Panagiotis Michalopoulos, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos, Evangelos Gerasopoulos


Ms. Anastasia Kakouri

AH-P3_015: "High resolution mapping of population exposure to PM2.5 for use in public health assessments".

All authors:

Anastasia Kakouri, Dimitris Karagiannis, Eleni Athanasopoulou, Orestis Speyer, Jennifer Bailey, Evangelos Gerasopoulos


Dr. Aikaterini Bougiatioti

AH-P3_017: "Emission of BC and trace metals at an urban location impacted by wood burning".

All authors: Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Maximillien Desservettaz, Iasonas Stavroulas, Dimitris Kaskaoutis, Eleni Liakakou, Maria Tsagkaraki, Michel Ramonet, Marc Delmotte, Nikolaos Hatzianastassiou, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Dr. Dimitris Kaskaoutis

AH-P3_051: "Airborne dust chemistry and health risk assessment in the Sistan Basin, southeast Iran".

All authors: Reza Dahmardeh Behrooz, Dimitris Kaskaoutis, Giorgos Grivas, Abbas Esmaili-Sari, Nader Bahramifar, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Dr. Konstantinos Dimitriou

ATAS-P4_001: "Intra- and inter-city variability of PM2.5 concentrations over Greece".

All authors: Konstantinos Dimitriou, Iasonas Stavroulas, Georgios Grivas, Charalampos Chatzidiakos, Georgios Kosmopoulos, Andreas Kazantzidis, Konstantinos Kourtidis, Nikolaos Hatzianastassiou, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos, Evangelos Gerasopoulos


Dr. Stylianos Myriokefalitakis

ATAS-P4_018: "High-resolution mapping of aerosol species over a SE Mediterranean urban area".

All authors: Stylianos Myriokefalitakis, Eleni Athanasopoulou, Dimitris Karagiannis, Anastasia Kakouri, Eleni Liakakou, Georgios Grivas, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Evangelos Gerasopoulos


Dr. Eleni Liakakou

ATAS-P5_011: "Temporal and spatial variability of black carbon levels in different environments in Greece with emphasis on the role of residential biomass burning".

All authors: Eleni Liakakou, Dimitrios Georgios Kaskaoutis, Iasonas Stavroulas, Georgios Grivas, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Nikolaos Kalivitis, Georgios Kouvarakis, Maria Tsagkaraki, Maria Gavrouzou, Nikolaos Hatzianastassiou, Konstantinos Michailidis, Dimitrios Balis, Evangelos Gerasopoulos, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Dr. Panagiotis Kosmopoulos

ATAS-P5_019: "Impact of aerosols and clouds on solar energy production over India".

All authors: Umesh Dumka, Panagiotis Kosmopoulos


Dr. Despina Paraskevopoulou

SS5-P1_006: "Long-term measurements of aerosol Oxidative Potential in an urban site, Athens, Greece".

All authors: Despina Paraskevopoulou, Georgios Grivas, Aikaterini Bougiatioti, Maria Tsagkaraki, Pavlos Zarmpas, Athanasios Nenes, Nikolaos Mihalopoulos


Tuesday 6 September (virtual poster):

Dr. Panagiotis Kosmopoulos

ATAS-eP4-009: "Dust effect on solar energy production in the European and North African regions".

All authors: Panagiotis Kosmopoulos



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